Is God Generous?

An interesting question to contemplate, I think. Humans often look at what we don’t have. We see the gap, the glass half full. The 5th verse of Psalm 23 finishes with “my cup runneth over.”

Let’s see, what did God give me? Many verses describe that he gives each human life, breath, the earth and the creation in it. Through Christ, salvation from our sins, redemption, and a great eternity. Through the Holy Spirit, counsel, comfort and companionship.  During our lives he provides us with family, friends, food, shelter, work, talents, senses, and community – all for rich and enjoyable lives. Sometimes we have health and wealth.

I’ve been plodding my way through Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy, and Joshua following the Israelites. I’m astounded at how easily they complained and yearned for their old days of slavery, even after the wonderful care God gave them, and I wonder how could they be that way?

In Numbers 13, Caleb and Joshua scouted out where God was going to lead them. Out of fear they rebelled and grumbled against God in chapters 14 and 16. As a result, God withheld the promise (14:30) to give them the Promised Land, and gave it to their descendants.

Did the Israelites have reason to complain? Were their lives difficult? They were not always easy for sure; wars, desert travel, change, evolving (uncertain) religion and government. They forgot that God was good and generous and that he cared about them and had good things in store if they would follow Him and wait for the blessings.

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