Dave Ramsey FPU Week 3: Cash Flow Planning

It is hard to believe that we have completed 3 classes already starting 2/2/2012 and there are only 10 to go. One question I often get after lesson #3 “Cash Flow Planning” is regarding cash flow planning from folks who are self-employed or have some self employment income. Read the post below for more information.

Budget Workshop: Some of you attended the workshop this past Saturday. We had a lot of fun. The Excel spread sheet that we use, it doesn’t ‘look’ exactly like Dave’s but is does the exact same thing, but more: helps to add up what you think you are spending (estimated), and then a column to change (proposed) so that you will reach the $0 based budget. There are also monthly tabs for tracking spending. For those of you with debt, there is also a tab that uses your numbers to calculate your Debt Snowball, which you will learn more about in this weeks lesson #4 “Dumping Debt!”

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