Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University Class is Awesome

Best selling author, nationally syndicated radio financial expert, motivational speaker, and creator of Financial Peace University financial education class Dave Ramsey is an amazing guy with a great institution. Operating under the Lampo group in the Nashville Tennessee area, Dave has grown his company over the last 20 years employing hundreds of people serving millions of people through books and classes taught in business, churches, community centers, military, schools and prisons worldwide.

We have coordinated about 8 classes over the last 3 years, to almost 700 people, at Vineyard Columbus. Dave’s system of financial education really works, and works well at helping people manage money, become debt free, relate with spouses better about money, and build wealth for emergencies, college education and retirement. Someone asked me once if I agree with everything Dave says, my answer to that is I don’t agree with everything I say- but I do believe in about 95% of what he teaches, because I have studied his concepts and they work.

Why does Dave’s system work so well? It works great because he has researched, refined and improved his program to find out the best way to be financially healthy. His system is proven, and I have seen it work with the classes we have led.  Each class that we have led reported that it helped most people. In addition we have seen about $1.5 – $2 million dollars of debt reduction of class attendees.

Dave has recently updated his course and will be rolled out in August, and we lead it again starting September 13th every Thursday for 9 weeks. For those that want to check it out before signing up for it, can attend a preview September 6th at 7pm. The same night we are going to do an orientation, so that attendees can derive the most out of the class. To find out more about this upcoming class go to the link at Vineyard Community Center.

The new class was shortened from 13 weeks to 9 weeks, making it easier for people to commit to. In addition, a few classes have been combined (the two on investments), and the class on dealing with debt collections will only be available online to members, and the class on careers has been eliminated. Lastly, the lessons taught on DVD are all now 60 minutes, some of the prior classes were much longer.

The format for the class is to watch a professional, informative, educational teaching by Dave Ramsey on DVD, jam-packed full of information. Small groups are assembled following the DVD to discuss the lesson and provide accountability for those that want it. Dave not only teaches information well, but talks from the heart from his own deep failures and successes. He motivates, gives sample cases so that you can identify with, and is generally funny and entertaining to listen to, what I call ‘Edutainment.’

The new class also has more Bible in it, something that us class coordinators have been wanting for some time. Financial health isn’t just making practical changes, but at its basis requires spiritual and emotional change- this is a welcome update to the course.

If you or someone you know would like to be more financially smart, and improve their financial future, they should attend a class near them, and hundreds of classes with the new materials are scheduled to start nationwide in August and September. To find a class near you go to www.daveramsey.com.

2 thoughts on “Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University Class is Awesome

  1. Jason

    Can already existing FPU members from the old program still attend, or do you have to pay an additional fee? Thanks!

    1. Kent Post author

      Existing members do not ever have to pay any additional fees to attend future FPU classes. If you attend a new class where the new material is being used, the moderator should be able to give you a print out of the workbook so that you can follow along. If you want to buy a work book you can for $15 and existing members can by the new kit for $49, versus $119, at least for now


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