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Per my previous post, the class has been substantially updated and improved. In addition to the class being revamped, the online ‘member’s only’ resources have been substantially improved. The previous one was okay, but was a little hard to navigate and students had difficulty finding the tools they needed. The new one is much easier to use for locating the various resources for the entire course, as well as those unique to each week’s lesson. The following are some of the online resources:

  • Lesson recaps (2 min videos hitting the highlights of the class)
  • Class Wall for online conversation
  • Money tools to help students through their class experience, such as Gazelle Budget, Debt Snowball calculator, Investing calculator, and more…(limited time access)
  • Weekly budget tips
  • Video tutorials to walk members through how to utilize different forms and tools
  • Budgeting & Additional Forms
  • MP3 of the lessons
  • Homework reminders
  • Other full videos of lessons that where omitted when the class was reduced from 13 to 9 weeks. These lesson didn’t apply to everyone, so it was a good idea to shorten the class but to provide online access to them for those that are interested in learning more about dealing with creditors, making large purchases, and career direction.

Since some people may have difficulty setting up their account and finding everything, I have created a little video to get new members started: “Financial Peace University, how to use the online resources

Some people ask me what resources will they stop having access to at the end of the class, here is a little Q & A that may help clarify.

Q. What are the online resources called?

A. FPU Central

Q.  How long does that last, for new attendees?

A.  They have long-term access to FPU Central as long as that site is available. 2 tools (Gazelle Budget, Debt Snowball tracker) go away 2 weeks after class ends. The confusion probably lies here. These 2 tools come from our subscription-based website, (, which is why there is a limited time to access them. We are giving FPU Members free use of these tools during their FPU experience.  If FPU class members would like to continue using those 2 tools after the usage period, then they can go back to that tool and upgrade to at a 25% discount.

Q. What does MMRC provide during the free membership?

A. FPU Central is the online companion to FPU and a part of their paid FPU membership outside of the 2 aforementioned, featured tools. Class members have continuous access to additional videos, tips, articles, calculators, forms, homework reminders, audio lessons, and more.

Q. What portion ends after the class is over, and what do they still have access to?

A.  Will lose Gazelle Budget and Debt Snowball tracker 2 weeks after class. Still have access to everything else.

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