Preparing for Attending Dave Ramsey FPU Class

If you have signed up for a Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University (FPU) class starting this Fall, congratulations. Your life will change for the better very soon. I am excited for you.  This is just a short blog post, to get you ready. Be sure to arrive on time, since class starts promptly. Plan to come early to drop children off at childcare (if offered), or obtain your Membership Kit, if you are buying it or have pre-purchased it from from the class coordinator. In addition, be sure to bring your Member Workbook from your kit and a pencil each week, as well as any homework assignments. Doing this as well as coming with a positive attitude will prepare you to get the most out of each lesson.

For a class that I am coordinating that starts Thursday September 13th, I have prepared a short Power Point Presentation. If you were unable to come to the orientation/preview September 6th, you might want to review it. Click the link to view this saved at Slidshare.

For information about the class, as well as details about our class and to find others in your area, see my prior post.

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