Financial Miracles Happen

My wife Laura shared this yesterday with her Dave Ramsey FPU small group break-out class–something that happened to us about 6 years ago.

A few years ago when we were both jobless and I was ill, I was told that I needed to have surgery.  At the time we were using Cobra and it was supposed to end before my surgery was scheduled.  To shorten the story, a mistake was made with our Cobra and they extended it two extra months.  I was able to get the surgery during the time of that extension saving us somewhere around $20,000.

In my last Ramsay small group we all prayed for a miracle of getting a raise or unexpected checks.  Several of us in that group got raises.  We brought it up to the whole group and many of them prayed the same way.  One evening several people told of how they had been given or received unexpected sums of money, raises, etc.

I guess I want to make the point that while you are doing the homework and trying to ‘live like no one else’, remember to pray for miracles.

The biggest miracle that we hear about over and over is that marriages are strengthened when couples take the course and that single people gain a sense of empowerment and security.

It doesn’t matter what has already happened to you, what mistakes have already been made or what your situation is right now.  If you follow the concepts in this class you will see a big difference by the end of our classes.  We are on this road together.

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