Hard Work and God’s Blessing

A Dave Ramsey class attendee sent me an email awhile back, and it was so encouraging I wanted to pass it on to you. This is a wonderful couple; it’s just that finances have been a major struggle for them. Taking the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University (FPU) class has led them to financial freedom.

“I wanted to let you know the impact that this study (Dave Ramsey FPU) has had upon me. I have a WORKING BUDGET for the first time in our 27-year marriage. I have completely overhauled the way I go grocery shopping; my previous cost was more than $150.00 a week and is now down to $100.00. I also save between $9 to $18 dollars on manufacturers coupons. So I am saving around $250.00 a month. I have saved over $80.00 on car repairs by asking my present dealership to honor other dealer coupons. I have paid off 3 debts and am snowballing 2 others. Our taxes were paid by April 14th. WOW!

“When I went to the bank last week to set up my check card, I started a conversation with my teller and mentioned the Dave Ramsey class. She immediately asked if I wanted envelopes…. she started the class a few years ago and petered out after class 5. Sweet gal, though, and we shared a few laughs. As of today, I have the funds and I cut up my gas and credit card and will be using only cash! My heart did race a little as the paper shredder groaned over the plastic but what a Powerful Prayer of Thanksgiving and YIPPEE!!!! I am free!”

She recently sent me an update: “We have now paid off ALL debt except the mortgage on our home 🙂 Have three months of earnings in the wings. I will be replacing my current car with 215,000 miles on it for a new one with cash. (All the while paying off hospitalizations, surgeries, assisting our three 20 something sons, a major employment change for my husband, and I went back to college.) God has been incredibly faithful to us during this process and we owe Him all the praise!”

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