Following God’s Principles and Experiencing Giving

A long term financial ministry leader and follower of Christ in her family’s finances shares some thoughts on God’s financial principles and giving. It is really encouraging.

“Our perspective and feelings about our finances changed dramatically when we went through a Crown Financial Bible study during the first year of our marriage. Both of us were pretty responsible when it came to finances, but the study revealed to us that we never truly believed that our money and possessions belonged to the Lord, not ourselves. As we began to learn and see through scripture that God is the owner of everything we have — time, money possessions — giving took on a whole different meaning.  If everything you have belongs to the Lord, you can’t ever give too much, or too sacrificially. We truly started to feel peace about our finances and joy in giving when we fully realized that as Christians, God owns it all….everything.

“One of the most important things that God has taught us is that He deeply desires freedom in our lives so that we can better know Him and love Him, without distractions.  As a couple, we are united in our view that serving Him with our resources is so much more fulfilling than committing those resources to credit cards, car payments, expensive clothes, extravagant gifts or vacations. When we began letting God change our hearts regarding work, saving, becoming debt-free and giving, we began to experience more and more freedom and a greater capacity to give of both time and money. Knowing that we have been able to contribute financially to the building of the community center and the fruitful growth of this church has expanded our dreams for the future — not dreams of margaritas on peaceful beaches, but dreams of how we can share in expanding God’s kingdom.”

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