Free eBook Today Only, The Art of Neighboring

A few weeks ago, Jay Pathak, pastor of the Mile High Vineyard in Colorado, spoke at the Vineyard Columbus leadership conference. He recently wrote a book titled “The Art of Neighboring.” Jay is a great guy with a lot of experience and success at his approach to loving his neighbors, an easy and practical way to live out the second greatest commandment; to love your neighbor as you love yourself.

Today only, you can download the eBook version for Kindle at Amazon at no cost. If you have a Kindle or the free software downloaded to your personal computer, you can download the eBook for FREE, but only today.

I downloaded the Kindle application a few weeks ago onto my laptop, and it was really easy. Downloading the book was a cinch too; I just had to read the instructions (which I am not always apt to do), and the short link to download the book is

To download the Kindle application into your laptop, desktop, or tablet computer, just go to the link above and BEFORE trying to download the book, click on “Free Reading Apps” in the upper menu bar.

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