The Benefits of Dave Ramsey FPU Outweigh the Cost

A couple more people sent me short notes about how they benefited from  taking the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University class. The cost is less than $100, but most people save that much in the first few weeks of taking the class by living on a budget, eliminating credit card debt, avoiding unneeded purchases, being smart with insurance, investments, mortgages and home purchasing. If you add up just the interest many people save from paying off credit cards so that they are no longer paying high interest rates, the return on their $95 tuition would be over ten thousand  percent. The financial pay-off is one thing, but people tell me all the time that they feel freer spiritually and closer in their walk with the Lord when they are being Biblically wise and obedient with money. People also enjoy the blessings from tithing and blessing others in need. Time and time again, I hear from married couples that there is new harmony in their marriage, because they are communicating better and working together toward common goals. Imagine how much happier people are with fewer financial arguments and less anxiety, buyers’ remorse and stress.

I think I went through the class about two or three years ago. At that time I had debt hanging over my head. It wasn’t as much as it had been when I was in my deepest debt but it was enough to make me not ever want to be in debt again. While in the class I paid off my remaining debt and continue to be debt free. I incurred my debt in my 20’s. I was always living paycheck to paycheck and at times would need to borrow money from family to make my mortgage payment. Today I am living debt free and I pay for EVERYTHING in cash. My car was already paid off. I have been saving the money that I would have been paying for my car in a separate account so when I need a new car I can pay cash. Being debt free is the best feeling ever! – T.S.

In March of 2011 my wife, and I scraped up the money to attend FPU at Vineyard Columbus.  I had just started a new job.  For the majority of 2010 I spent all of my 401k savings and our personal savings on a failed retail business venture.  At the start of FPU my wife and I had no savings, and over $50,000 in credit card, student loan, and business loan debit.  During FPU we began utilizing the tools taught by Dave Ramsey such as budgeting, the envelope method, and most importantly the debit snowball.  By using these tools we eliminated each one of our debits over the course of 16 months.  Today, aside from our home and one car, we are completely debit free.  We have set aside a six month cash reserve in a savings account, we are diligently putting money away for retirement, and we are expecting our first child.  We are truly blessed!  Thank you Vineyard Columbus for sponsoring  such an awesome program! – J. P.

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