Consumers are sometime gullible

headHave you ever bought a product but later discovered it was a piece of junk? Trevor Moore is a comedian that demonstrates how gullible some consumers are. He hocks awful products that he creates that don’t work. His brand Winnovations comes up with all kinds of ridiculous products that people believe in. For example he created a device, the Flava-Pult,  that smacks food against a wall; he tells people that the device will make food better because of what it does to the molecules. Another product, the Blow and Grow,  transfers one’s carbon dioxide to one’s scalp to grow hair. His videos show people actually using the products and they think food tastes better, or hair grows–all for laughs.

PT Barnum said a fool is born every minute, and I think he is right. Everyone has bought products from the Internet, infomercials, or maybe the fair. Last summer we went to the Ohio State Fair; walking through the various buildings we saw all kinds of products being demonstrated and sold. We bought some amazing glue that actually works better and faster than super glue. It was $20 but was worth it. Another product was this little spring action whisk that is supposed to whip things so well it can make whipped cream from skim milk in less than a minute. We didn’t buy it, but later we found the same item at a dollar store for  a few bucks. It works okay, but not quite as well as the demonstration made it look.

My experiences and these Winnovations videos tell me that we need to be careful of miracle product pitches or we may end up spending money on worthless junk. What have you bought that you later regretted?

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