Perseverance, Encouragement and Testimonies Help You Achieve Financial Goals

Perseverance is key in personal finances, but sometimes it’s hard to do, when you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. A few people sent me these emails about how the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University Class has helped them. I am posting them to be an encouragement to you: whether you’re taking a class, reading personal finance books, and trying to implement good personal finances- all the hard work is worth it.
  • The Financial Peace University gave me the confidence that I could be strong in my financial planning. Before the class I had only about $500 in my savings account. Now I have $3,000. I have paid off several bills and I am having success in getting the others paid off. I have started a savings account for my new grand daughter which I am excited about. Also, I have become more involved with non- profit organizations. I can help out on a volunteer basis and a little financially as well. The non-profit donations are not large, but I feel like it is a start. I have also been able to increase my contributions to the Vineyard -which I am most excited about. I God has rewarded me ten fold for my financial focus. -M.K.
  • My greatest success after applying the principals of Dave Ramsey was that I was able to pay for graduate school without any school loans.  I switched my spending habits to cash only and all of a sudden I had excess cash available each month.  I used this extra money to pay for my tuition. I couldn’t have done this without Dave Ramsey’s help. -L.B.
  • Just want to thank you again for offering this course.  It’s so important!!  After taking the session last summer and meeting with you, we were motivated to pay off his old student loans that had been lurking around forever, and are currently debt-free (except for our mortgage), and have about $13,000 (above our 6-month emergency fund) in the bank so far, being saved toward a 20% down payment on a future home, or whatever the Lord leads us to!  Best of all, we are more at peace about any lay-off or job change concerns that might pop up.  So thankful for this ministry!!!  -M.L

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  1. anthony a. (financial freedom ideas)

    It is also recommended to define your goal in life. What do you really want? If you will know the answers, be self-motivated to attain those goals. Do not depend on the words of encouragement of other people. You must be self-sustaining in attaining the goals. Have a plan on how to achieve it and persevere towards the goal. The commitment of change in life must appear in your actions. Have faith and believe in yourself that you can attain the goal. God gave us talents to go beyond our potential.


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