Easter Blog Round Up, 7 Great Articles from Other Blogs

Here are some great articles from other Christian personal finance blogs I follow. Check out these articles covering debt lessons, online broker rankings, thrift store shopping, work efficiency, saving on prescriptions, Medi-Share Christian health insurance alternative, and home projects to save money.

  1. 4 debt lessons from the blind side, from One Money Design
  2. Barron’s releases their best online broker ratings for 2013, from Bible Money Matters
  3. Thrift shopping, from The Christian Dollar
  4. How to get more done in a day, from ChristianPF
  5. 5 ways to save on prescription medications, from Faith and Finance
  6. Christian Care Medi-Share review and reflections after 2 years, from Money Help for Christians
  7. 5 home maintenance projects to save you money, from Money Smart Life

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