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For a few years I have been following the blog InvestSense, written by a Christian who is a wealth adviser and attorney. I find his articles refreshingly frank, helpful, non-self promoting, educational and intelligent- cutting through much of the baloney the investment consumer stumbles upon in the media or from some firms. I either agree with him about 90% of the time, or he thoughtfully challenges my thinking.

Here are a few of his most recent articles, that I thought were spot on and very helpful:

2 thoughts on “Great Articles from InvestSense

  1. Loyce Parkin

    Since I want to shed light in one of my investment choices, I want to ask if you guys are familiar with binary options and how to invest in it? I already know a few bits and bytes about it thru binary option broker optionbit and I just want to know what are your insight regarding this matter, because I honestly would want to join them because of the promised returns, so I think I will be waiting for your reply soon. Thanks

    1. Kent Post author

      I am not a student of options, commodities and derivatives, I’m a little familiar with how they work- however doing a little research on the web and I have a friend that does them (he says well), I am very skeptical for the average investor. I’d do a lot more research before jumping in that pool. At the very least, if you decide to go that direction (which most professional money managers would advise against) go very slow, study them a lot, and invest only a small portion at any time.


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