Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half

This is just a quick post, to give you a few ideas for cutting your grocery budget in half.  This is definitly interesting to a lot of people since food costs can easily be 25% of people’s budget, if they are in the low to moderate income brackets. Wisdom, work, and good ideas are certainly key to this.

The Blog “Blissful and Domestic,” has great ideas about thrifty living and she seems to be really successful at it.  The whole concept is that you plan all of your meals for the month at one time, and then shop for the whole month in one day.  It saves a bunch of time.  She has instructions on how to freeze milk, bread, produce, etc.  That way you can buy in bulk when things are on sale, and still use fresh ingredients.

One my friends report “I have done this way of grocery shopping now for 3 months (Aug, sept, and just did Oct).  I am EASILY saving $150 – $200 a month on groceries.  But, the trick is, you can’t go back to the store for any reason – unles it’s a “need”.  Staying out of the store limits all of those “extra things” we pick up every time we enter the store.  I’ve also been buying some groceries at Aldi.  I have never done this before, but saving on things like rice, pasta, baking supplies, ect, seems to be a no brainer.  I don’t think there’s much difference in those items.   She also has recipes on her site and other ways to save money. ”

When I looked at our expense tracker last night (, I noticed we went over some for September, and it was totally due to the little side trips, so this ideas seems to make great sense.

There is also a book “Cut your grocery bill in half” by Steve and Annette Economides that looks to be a good reference too.

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