Improved Finances Helped Marriage, Ministry and Career

This couple took a financial education class 3 years ago in the Fall of 2010, and it dramatically changed the course of their lives; in ministry and careers, as well as marriage. The work to improve finances is hard, but it is worth it, as this story demonstrates.

“God used the financial ministry at Vineyard Columbus and the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University course to help break the bondage of debt in our lives and our marriage.  We had $20,000 in credit card debt when we started the program and were in what seemed to be an endless cycle of running up the credit card bills, struggling to pay them down, only to run them back up again.  Using the principles learned in the Financial Peace University course, humbled hearts, and thankfully a promotion at my job, we were able to pay off our debt in its entirety over the course of 12-14 months.  Shortly after paying off our debt and building some savings, God opened a door for me to take a job working full time with World Vision at their corporate HQ in Federal Way, Washington.  Had we still been in debt, there is no way we could have accepted the opportunity with World Vision and moved our family across the country to chase a dream to serve Jesus in a greater capacity.  Our debt burden and bad money management habits were a point of contention in our marriage and caused much contention.  Therefore, the freedom we gained was not just breaking free from the burden of debt, but freedom and unity in our marriage like we had not known in the past.  Praise God!!!”  -R. & J. D.

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