Modesty, A Forgotten Virtue, But Key to Good Stewardship

Is this word still applicable to this age?

“It is a good thing for man to live in moderation. It is commendable when a man is able to control his lusts and desires, so that he is not a slave to his belly and is no longer driven by the powers of his fleshly desires (1 Co 6;12). Well, those who earnestly practice godliness can achieve this kind of life. They are called to live in moderation. They dress neatly and respectfully, they eat moderately and gratefully, and they enjoy themselves in an edifying manner, doing all things necessary to maintain or sweeten this life. They do not satisfy their lusts but to strengthen themselves (Ecc 10:`17). Is this not a beautiful calling?”

Teellinck, Willeem (1579 – 1629). “A Moderate Life.” Afterword. NIV Stewardship Study Bible. Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan, 2009. p. 1585. Print.

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