Great Example of How We Are Blessed To Be a Blessing

Tuesday Testimony, from a friend. It is an amazing story about how he was blessed through the generosity of others and classes he took. God kept his life together, even though he feared it would fall apart, not only was his home blessed, he was able to bless people around the world, and the people who originally blessed him.

“Maybe 5-6 years ago, I was at a bad point in my life. I went from being nicely employed, then was unemployed for 7 months, then underemployed (but happy to have a job). However, I missed three mortgage payments in a row. I was fairly certain that I would lose my home, and worried the situation might cause me to lose my girlfriend.

Gratefully, I was in a small group that prayed for each other. I remember gathering into smaller groups for the prayer time, after the Bible study. I shared my scenario with the few guys in my prayer group. One gentleman said that he and his wife had been blessed financially, through a class at Vineyard and wrote me a check that covered the three house payments!

Because of their financial responsibility, their blessing helped me keep my house and my girlfriend. She became my wife and now we had two children. We took the Dave Ramsey FPU class and developed a budget and started living within our means. We later became small group leaders.

Through our budgeting, we have been able to support a couple of missionaries on a short-term basis, helped one girl in a 3rd world country get through high school and are now supporting a 2nd girl through high school, and we were able to bless the couple that blessed us, when they fell into hard times. “

In summary, you can never under-estimate the generosity of God, and how he loves to bless us. He too loves it when we become good stewards and bless other people, being Jesus to the world around us.

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