Taking a Financial Class Was the Beginning of Transformational Faith

Tuesday Testimony, about how a great guy’s financial and faith life was totally transformed after he took Dave Ramsey Financial University at Vineyard Columbus. Our next class starts the 2nd Tuesday in September. For more information and sign-up click here.

Here is my family’s story of great generosity from other believers through God’s power:

After attending the Dave Class, we went Gazelle intense for about 2 years.  We didn’t buy clothes.  We ate the “beans and rice” diet.  I worked 5 jobs.  We were paying off a lot of debt, but not enough.  Despite all our effort, we still ran up against the wall and didn’t have enough for our minimum credit card payments.

My wife was in tears.  She couldn’t make the math work to pay all our bills.  We were going to default.  I’m usually the one to fall apart when finances go south.  God pressed upon my heart to not worry and to pray for provision.  I felt a tremendous peace on my heart.  I KNEW that God would provide.

Literally, the next day I went to my weekly Guys Night (fellowship) with some of my closest friends.  At the end of the night, one of my friends handed me a check.  He said that he, his wife and my other friend felt God pressing on their hearts to give us this money.  I gave them a hug and didn’t look at the check.  I said I didn’t want to open it until I was with my wife.

I went home and my wife and I opened it.  It was a check for $6,000 dollars.  It covered ALL our credit cards and took a nice chunk out of the next debt in our snowball.  We cried for a long time.  I remember my wife repeating over and over, “They can’t do this..”.

I have to hold tight to this memory.  Since this time, we rapidly went back to trying to follow Dave’s plan and force our way out of debt under our own effort.  We have been on baby step 2 of the Dave plan for 5 years.  Due to my wife’s and son’s disability, we have not been able to knock out our last debt, my student loan.  We honestly questioned Dave’s plan because it doesn’t seem to be working for us.

Recently, I have come to understand that Dave’s plan isn’t the issue.  We are in God’s plan and he is the one providing for us.  An overlooked part of Financial Peace University is this; when everything else fails, pray to your Father in Heaven.  He loves you and wants to provide for you and that’s what I’m holding on to now.   I’m taking the wisdom on how to handle money from Financial Peace University and praying to God in my deep helplessness to provide for my family’s needs.  I’ve been learning through all of this that all generosity comes from God, and that’s where I’m placing my trust. – Anonymous

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