A Story of Life Changes, Faith, Risk, Tithe and Blessings

Life can be interesting for many of us. It seems as if only a small percentage of people work for the same company until retirement, and then are set financially for the last chapter of life, living on a good company sponsored retirement plan. While many others of us, our careers and life is more like a winding road. Change is rapid to our economy, businesses, and even the best employees can get left behind in the wake of corporate buy-outs and re-organizations. Here is a great story of life change, faith, trust, giving and subsequent blessings.

I worked for a company for twenty years and had a well-paying job with good benefits. I was a shift supervisor but was getting increasingly frustrated with my job. My company was in the process of downsizing. I always made an effort to keep a good attitude because I knew I was blessed to have a job. I began to ask the Lord for direction in seeking a new job or a different career.

About 11 years ago, my wife and I went on a short vacation to have some quiet time to specifically seek the Lord for direction. I read through the whole book of Proverbs one afternoon on vacation. It felt as though the Lord was showing me numerous scriptures pertaining to finance and prosperity. I underlined and numbered these scriptures, stood on God’s word and continued to pray and seek the Holy Spirit’s direction. The Sunday we were on vacation, we went to church and the guest speaker was speaking on stepping out, which I took as a word from God. Another day on vacation, the front page of the Cleveland Plain Dealer reported that my employer had been bought out. The following Sunday we went to our home church, in Columbus, and the minister was preaching the same sermon.

Monday, I went back to work and was told that more cutbacks had been made while I was on vacation. Several people were laid off and given severance packages. I was told we weren’t going to have a supervisor on day shift any longer and I could move to second shift as the supervisor, or remain on day shift and give up my shift supervisor job. I called my wife and told her I was going to ask my employer if they would offer me a severance package. My employer agreed to give me a severance package good though which gave me thirty years in the union and will be beneficial to me when I retire. I thanked my employer for all that he had done for me and left on good terms. My children had graduated from high school, so I felt now was the time to step out and take a chance. There was only one problem, I didn’t have a job.

Several years before I quit my job, I helped my son start a summer painting business which I thought we could grow. I tried painting for a few weeks and had problems with carpel tunnel from working with computers for so many years. The Lord was directing me out of the painting business and into another business.

I continued to pray for direction from the Lord. I decided to go to school for my real estate license. I hadn’t been in school for many years, but was able to pass the real estate exam. While attending school, I herniated a disc in my back. I was in a lot of pain and my medical insurance was close to expiring. I prayed, got therapy for my back, and it eventually healed. Even when you are in God’s will there are plenty of obstacles.

I started in real estate about 10 years ago and tried to figure out how many closings I would need per month to survive. I called expired listings everyday and “For Sale by Owner” ads once a week. When I saw a ” For Sale by Owner” yard sign I would stop at the home, take a deep breath, knock on their door, and try to persuade them to list their home with me.

My severance package was running out and I had a few thousand dollars in the bank but I never quite tithing. TITHING WORKS. Finally after several months I had my first listing appointment and I was scared to death. I walked into the listing appointment with my listing presentation and started to talk to the owners. I didn’t even get through the presentation and they said “do you want the keys to our house to put in the lock-box”? God had it all worked out before I arrived at the Seller’s home. To this day I continue to see God’s favor in business.

The Lord’s business, because it is His business, continued to grow. At the end of my first year in real estate my income exceeded the income from the last year of my previous job. God was so faithful. Was it easy? No. Sales are a lot of work and a lot of disappointments. In the subsequent years, the Lord has continued to bless and the business has continued to grow.    

I would encourage you to not give up, pray, stand on God’s word and listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit. God wants to bless and prosper you. Lastly, don’t stop giving and tithing.

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