Weekend Blog Roll: Informative Articles from Other Sites

This weekend’s blog roll has links to 11 helpful articles covering everything from retirement and financial planning to eyeglass savings and mutual fund guru David Snowball.

On my other blog at eFinPLAN I posted the following articles within the past month. Typically on JesusMoney I post articles about God and Money, but at eFinPLAN I write about financial planning tips. I thought that may be of benefit to some of our readers here.

  • How to start planning for retirement, here we cover the 5 basics that people need to do
  • Hyundai and Kia Fined Again for Nearly $300M For Overstated Gas Mileage, impacting people’s personal finances, read how to obtain more accurate MPG before you buy
  • Expert Tips on Overcoming Financial Planning Barriers, read how to spot and overcome planning barriers
  • Why is the Luxottica Eyeglass Monopoly a Rip Off for Customers? Learn how to save money on this expensive item
  • What are the pros and cons of being rich? Check out the connection to wealth and happiness, and the middle sweet spot

Here are some other interesting articles from around the web that I’ve found that might be helpful to you: Links to full articles

  • Open enrollment for ACA Obamacare 11/15: If you didn’t sign up last time you can soon, already covered: renew/change
  • Retirees and real estate, decisions and planning implications, often overlooked but important
  • Financial planning data worth noting: Social Security benefit increase,
  • People on a tight budget, need to be careful buying upscale cars, this example is for $1,113 to repair bulb in high-tech head light
  • Is college still a good return-on-investment? Article discusses this and some new assessment tools being used
  • Mutual fund guru David Snowball, interviewed about index funds and mutual fund managers

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