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Quote on Living Within Your Means

“There is no dignity quite so impressive and no independence quite so important as living within your means. “

This is quite an unusual quote. Calvin Coolidge our 30th President, served in office right up until 1929 on the eve of the Great Depression, was quoted as saying this. Wow, to hold living within one’s own means in such very high esteem and integrity, is not a character trait most people would place on their top ten list today.

Maybe we need to elevate this concept in modern society. To live with the resources that you have, without borrowing or falling behind on payments, should be a trait all people, business and governments alike, aspire to achieve and maintain throughout one’s life. The Bible clearly states in several verses that we are to work hard sun up to sun down, 6 days and week and rest on the sabbath. To be honest, trustworthy and save for the future. To be generous and have integrity in everything we do. Its a high calling, but you can do it! It’s worth it, and will aid in your success and happiness.